We are the First International Canadian Convention serving the bearers of the Noble Quran in North America. The Convention is aiming to discover, develop and support the bearers of the Holy Quran. It comes as an accessory to the Quran Recitation Literacy Campaign, which began in 2017 in the Canadian Provinces of Ontario and Quebec. These efforts made by “Dar Alquran” and “Minhaj Company”, where more than 2000 students of various ages have become Quran-literate, while the number is expected to reach 5000 by the end of 2021 – Allah willing.

With all due thanks to Allah, Dar Alquran achieved this success through an integrated vision of the educational process. The educational process includes designing educational curricula conforming to the current generation and utilizing contemporary methods. We incorporate a networking system that links the Educational Institutions & Students on the one hand and the Parents on the other. We also focus on training teachers and developing cadres capable of teaching and ingraining the ethical values that are essential for a young Muslim generation.

All the above was a necessary launchpad for commencing the Noble Quran journey, covering recitation, memorization, comprehension, and implementation. This Convention provides the most proper tools to support the Quran learning journey and discover the talents within the enrolled participants.
We ask Allah – Glorified and Sublime – to help us providing our religion, nation & the whole world with Quality Quran reciters. Who are well-versed, and who abide by the Book of Allah and its rulings in their lives.

Our Vision:

A Muslim generation capable of reciting and memorizing the Book of Allah, understanding its meanings, and abiding by it. We also seek to unearth and develop the various talents that can serve the Noble Quran.

Our Mission:

Create a competitive environment that motivates Muslim generations to recite and memorize the Quran according to a contemporary scientific approach, supervised by highly qualified specialists, as well as fostering all the creative activities that can help deliver the message of the Quran to the whole world.

Our Goals:

  1. Provide a specialized professional platform for exploring, developing and supporting the bearers of the Quran and all those who abide by it.
  2. Approve and authorize the reciters and memorizers of the Noble Quran.
  3. Improve, through professional trainings, the recitation performance & voice qualities of the reciters.
  4. Provide a competitive environment for people who are creative in the field of Islamic Art & Media to produce works that care for the Noble Quran & the Reciters.